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The Eastern Oregon Renewable Energies Association has ceased operation.

The Eastern Oregon Renewable Energies Association (EORenew) is a grass-roots 501(C)(3) nonprofit educational organization. EORenew's mission is to empower people to increase their energy efficiency and use of solar, wind, and other renewables. We put out a quarterly newsletter, including Calendar of Events for members. We make classroom visits with energy presentations to K-12 schools in our region of Oregon. We also provide energy services to our area, including energy audits and conservation information, site assessment, Oregon energy tax credit assistance, and RE business referrals.

EORenew hosts Solwest Fair the last full weekend of each July. SolWest is an occasion for learning, networking, and supporting all types of renewable energy. This three-day event offers engaging activities for all ages and knowledge levels. Participants from around the western region and beyond come to join the SolWest community and learn about energy efficiency, solar and wind energy, solar cooking, alternatively fueled vehicles, and more.

The association began teaching solar cooking in Oregon, USA in 1999, and through 2011, have taught over 600 workshop participants.

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Sue Newstetter hands out fresh solar-baked rolls at SolWest Fair

  • Summer 2011: As usual, SolWest 2011 featured workshops on solar cooking. This year's was given by Sue Newstetter of Elk Camp Cafe and Catering. Here's the description: Featuring many different makes and models of solar ovens, including an easy homebuilt oven. Demonstrations and discussions of other outdoor cooking techniques including Dutch ovens, biomass (“rocket”) stoves, the “Cajun microwave” other fun outdoor cooking appliances. Save energy – have fun – cook great food. Sue also had a display in the exhibitors' are where she sold solar cookers and demonstrated her new Villager Sun Oven. Sue sells solar-baked bread every weekend at the John Day Farmers Market.

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