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===Articles in the media===
===Articles in the media===
* '''February 2005:''' Three articles published in the newspaper "SEMANÁRIO" of East Timor:
:{{GoogleLinkFromPortuguese||Cozinhar com o calor do sol, uma experiência bem sucedida em Timor Leste}}<br>
:{{GoogleLinkFromPortuguese||Cozinhar com o calor do sol, fazer para aprender: os cuidados na construção do Fogão Solar}}<br>
:{{GoogleLinkFromPortuguese||Cozinhar com o calor do sol, fazer para aprender: os cuidados na construção do Fogão Solar (continuation)}}
===Web pages===
===Web pages===

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News and Recent Developments

East Timor students with Girassol solar cookers
  • March 2006: Armando Herculano reports that he leads solar cooking demonstrations and workshops for schools, nongovernmental organizations, and local agencies. He recently designed a panel-type solar cooker called Girassol (“sun flower”). Its pentagonal shape eliminates the need to reorient the cooker to track the sun’s movement. With teacher friend António Serafim, Armando Herculano introduced the solar cooker to classes at National University of East Timor. This event was covered in local newspapers as well as on television.

Climate, Culture, and Special Considerations

See also Solar cooker dissemination and cultural variables



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