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Earthbound EB-42T

Earthbound Cooker

Some current projects are:

  • Continue to build and test EB Cooker Prototypes including a multisided version of our double cone EB Cooker
  • Evaluate the performance of cookers using our data aquisition system
  • Use ray tracing to evaluate the performance of panel cookers

Other Solar Cooking Interests:

  • Continue our search for better reflective materials
  • Review the performance of funnel cookers
  • Increase the power flow into box cookers by optimizng the size and orientation of reflectors.

News and recent developments

EB Hybrid Parabolic Cooker, 2-5-13

The EB Hybrid Parabolic Cooker being winter tested in Massachusetts, USA.

  • February 2013: The EB Hybrid Parabolic Cooker is currently being tested. It is our newest cooker. It is primarily a multi-sided parabolic solar cooker with the outermost section replaced with a conic section. Testing midwinter in Massachusetts shows that it can produce more than enough heat for cooking.
  • July 26, 2008: We cooked a complete meal for 15 people completely in the sun and did a presentation on solar cooking after the meal. It was a complete meal including appetizers, main course and dessert. This attracted enough attention to have the local TV station send a photographer and we had our moment on fame on the local news.

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