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Being a national NGO, the EMACE Foundation has acquired substantial local knowledge and sensitivity to ensure that our activities benefit those intended, as we are in constant interaction with the government of Sri Lanka, the private sector, and other NGOs and community-based organizations. We have built a significant network, with local as well as international support.

Recent news and developments

  • October 2011: The foundation began teaching solar cooking in 1995, and has taught over 3400 individuals to date, and has distributed over 1100 solar cookers.
Sri lanka solar cooking event

Workshop participants observing solar ovens in action. Trincomalee, November 2009.

  • November 2009: A workshop on "Renewable energy at village level" was held in Trincomalee on November 25, 2009 at Grace Church vocational center, for 100 newly-resettled families under the sponsorhip of a local NGO. More details here.
  • July 2004: The EMACE Foundation continues its efforts to spread solar cooking in Sri Lanka, particularly war-torn northern and eastern regions. Workshops were recently held in the Vavuniya district and orders for 50 solar box cookers were filled. Twenty parabolic solar cookers ― designed and provided by Dominic Michaelis of Solar Energy Ltd. ― were also distributed. According to EMACE, “Women in particular are benefiting from the cookers as they enable them … to spend more time away from cooking and to save money otherwise spent on firewood. Many have used the extra time and money to start their own micro-businesses ― some have even used the cookers themselves to gain extra income by selling cakes and sweets prepared in them.” Demand for cookers among these communities is currently outstripping supply. EMACE is looking for additional support to assist with production and transport costs. EMACE recently began to produce its own solar box cookers, helping to keep costs down and ensure the project’s viability.


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