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Last updated: 14 January 2016      
EB Suncooker, 1-14-16

The EB Suncooker - photo credit: William Bradley

The EB Suncooker is effectively a descendent of the Parvati Solar Cooker, which was developed by Ravindra Pardeshi in India. The Parvati Cooker has shown to be an efficient solar cooker. However, according to Earthbound Technology, they have designed the EB Suncooker to overcome some of their perceived limitations of the Parvati cooker. The cooker offers a larger reflector surface area and a feature to make the pot and cooker more stable when cooking.

The cooker blends aspects of a panel cooker, which avoids complex curves in its construction, with a parabolic cooker that provides more focussed light on the cookpot. The result is a multi-cone parabolic style cooker.

EB Suncooker under construction, 1-14-16

The EB Suncooker pattern is transferred to the plastic flute board for cutting. - photo credit: William Bradley

Earthbound Technology is making this solar cooker available to all interested persons wishing to make one for themselves. They offer construction instructions on their website.

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