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Dominique Dutoit

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Dominique Dutoit, who's home is in France, has been using the CooKit panel cooker to introduce solar cooking to communities in Madagascar. He has been trying to find ways to make the cooker even more affordable to local residents. One option is to find an alternative material other than the typical corrugated cardboard, something that is available or can be made locally.

He began teaching solar cooking in Madagascar in 2013, and has taught 500 people to use the cooker, and has subsidized the distribution of 20 cookers.

Recent news and developments

  • April 2013: Dominique worked with his group modifying the CooKit design to construct a version made from woven grass called the Gasy Nahandro. The mats are then covered with reflective film. With little expense in materials, possibly less than $2USD, they hope to begin selling the solar panel cooker at local retailers in Madagascar.

Audio and video

Orateur chanteur chanson sur le four solaire avec les enfants05:42

Orateur chanteur chanson sur le four solaire avec les enfants

Sept kilos de légumes et de zébu18:12

Sept kilos de légumes et de zébu

The local villagers stop by to inspect the new solar panel cooker.


Dominique Dutoit
17 rue Henri Rossignol
Vigneux sur Seine, 91270

Tel.: +33 (0) 6 08 51 29 11


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