Last updated: 15 February 2015      
Domestic Parabolic Solar Cooker Tinytech

Tinytech Plants manufactures the Domestic Parabolic Solar Cooker for domestic cooking. Specifications and salient features are as under:

  1. Entire cooker is of folding design which is our unique facility making transport very easy and cheap. It is despached in corrugated paper box packing.
  2. Packing size is 50" x 14" x 3.5" only. So 400 cookers can go in a 20 ft container.
  3. Weight of the cooker is only 18 kg.
  4. You can assemble entire cooker in 20 minutes. But tying of the reflector strips will take further 80 minutes.
  5. Reflector frame is square of 1.2mtx1.2mt and it is made of only two parabolic strips and seven parabolic round bars.
  6. Supporting stand is made of rectangular pipes of 40 x 20mm cross section.
  7. Reflector sheets are anodized aluminium sheets imported from Germany. So it is highly efficienct in cooking. In 30 to 40 minutes, you can cook for a family.
  8. Reflector dish has parabolic square shape. So it looks very attractive just at a glance.
  9. Entire cooker is powder coated in attrctive colours.
  10. A video CD is provided with every cooker for guidance.
  11. Retail price is $100USD, but the price is $70USD each for fifty cookers.

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