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Last updated: September 25, 2009      
Disabled Technicians of Uganda July 2009b.
Disabled Technicians of Uganda 2008

Disabled Technicians of Uganda had produced over 100 solar cookers as of April 2005. They seek the donation of a computer, software, printer and modem to help them expand their work. The group has been implementing solar cooking and solar food drying projects for disabled and disadvantaged people for many years in Uganda. DTU’s most recent initiative targets displaced families, living in camps, who use bio-fuels as their primary source of energy. DTU is interested in program planning and project development collaborations with SCI.

News and recent developments

  • October 2008: Solar Energy initiative for the disadvantaged in Eastern Uganda: The project will target homesteads in different communities where people use bio-fuel as their sources of Energy. It will also target people living in displaced camps. These will include mainly families managed by the disadvantaged rural Women, since there are the almost highly affected by the problem. See project proposal.

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Edward Sembajjwe
Disabled Technicians of Uganda, Ltd.
P.O. Box 30895
Kampala Central 256

Tel: +256-712718005


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