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Dinkar Verma is a retired military officer living in Bangalore, Karnatka, India. He began solar cooking for himself in 1988, and began teaching solar cooking in 2005, having taught over 300 people since 2011. Bangalore is well suited for solar cooking with the 300 days of sunshine it receives each year. He feels the terraces of high-rise residential buildings provide ideal shadowless space for good cooking exposure, and he plans to form a solar cooking club in his residential society, and use the terrace vaccant space for solar cooking.

He also wishes to promote solar cookers as an income generating source amongst poor and handicapped persons, by enabling them to sell solar baked raw vegetables in cooked form with skins, e.g potato green plantains etc. The value addition of using free solar energy to sell solar baked vegetables with enhanced nutrient value will find buyers easily. The weakest section of society can be empowered to earn roughly $2-3 USD a day.

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Dinkar Verma
C-710, Sena Vihar, Kammanna halli main road
Bangalore, Karnatka

Tel.: +91-080-23684710
Mobile: +91-09611927256


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