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Dieter Seifert

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Deiter Seifert

Dr. Dieter Seifert has been called "the father of the parabolic solar cooker." He is the developer of the SK line of parabolic solar cookers and helps many organizations with these. Dieter promotes use of deep focus, high quality cookers together with heat retention cookers. About 16,000 SK's produced.

Dieter is also working on a project in Ache, Indonesia making use of the Clean Development Mechanism for funding.

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Siedlungsstrasse 12

Kahn Grumley Owino DSeifert ISeifert

Danielle Kahn, Terry Grumley, Margaret Owino, Dr. Deiter Seifert of EG Solar and his wife, Imma Seifert, demonstrate a large SK-14 parabolic cooker at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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