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Last updated: 27 July 2007      

We introduce ourselves as Dharmaningsih and we are a provider of solar energy projects in Indonesia. We have a new product that we intend to make that will provide boiled water from the sun using evacuated glass tubes made in China. We will couple them with a reflective back board and a whistle like those used on tea kettles.

The idea is to provide a very low cost method to boil water that is sorely needed in Indonesia as well as other third world countries.

We are associated with Universitas Pasundan which is the largest private university is West Java, Indonesia where we are located. There are currently three of us who are actively involved, but we can use our large student base to market once a commercial model is available.

Dr. Kenneth E. Gotberg for Dharmaningsih
PhD in physical chemistry from the University of California at Davis in the USA

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