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The Devos-Prim-Rubio is a hybrid parabolic solar cooker, that also incorporates reflective panels below and around the the cooking pot, much like a panel style cooker. It was developed by Juan Antonio Rubio Castro. It has a mirror area of 1.2 square meters, 10 x 10 cm by 5 x 10 cm. It originally had two rows of mirrors on each side and four rows of flat mirrors on the bottom, with the focus on the center of the pan. Juan modified this design so the side mirrors are angled to project on to the sides of the pan, leaving only two rows of flat mirrors at the center. This resulted in higher, and more uniform heat for the pot.

The panel style reflectors positioned below the pot help redirect the rays towards the pot in a more diffuse fashion. He mentions that this style oven is slow to build, but works with great efficiency, producing high and even heat, and takes little space to store.

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thumb|350px|right| Juan Rubio demonstrates his modified Devos cooker the video is in Spanish, but it is easy to see what he has accomplished.


Professor Juan Antonio Rubio Castro

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