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Publication abstract: For determination of drying kinetics of Thompson seedless grapes a suitable experimental unit for online measurement was designed and fabricated. The drying characteristics of oil emulsion pretreated grapes were measured using ambient air under controlled air temperatures (50 to 80ºC) and velocity (0.25 to 1.00 m/s) conditions. Out of the three models considered (Page’s, Single term and Two term exponential) Page’s model was found to be the most suitable for describing the drying behaviour of the grapes. The dependence of drying constant K of the Page’s model on process variables (Temperature and Velocity of Air) was analyzed using Arrhenius and Power Equations. It was found that the Arrhenius Equation gives better values of K than the Power Equation. It is also found that the dependence of another drying constant N of the Page’s equation on the process variables can not be described in terms of Arrhenius or power Equations.


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K.K. Wagh College of Engineering
Nashik – 422003, (M.S.)
Madhya Pradesh

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