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Cucinare con il Sole, Ottorino Saccon with children, 1-21-14

Ottorino Saccon with local children in Sessene, Senegal.

Cucinare con il Sole is a volunteer organization founded in 2006 by Ottorino Saccon, a teacher and craftsman, based in Santa Lucia di Piave TV, Italy. They produce parabolic solar cookers in Italy, and have been introducing solar cooking to villages throughout central Africa, making 3-4 trips to Africa each year. They have worked with over thirty groups in workshops with typically 10 - 20 participants.

Recent news and developments

Cucinare con il Sole, villagers with first solar meal, 1-21-14

Cooking the first solar cooked meal in Sessene, Senegal.

  • November 2013: At Sessene, fifteen kilometers from the city of Thies in Senegal, villagers assemble their first solar cooker. Soon after, in the shade of a baobab mother, they share a meal of cooked rice and vegetables.

Audio and video

  • 2014
Formazione sull'ambiente e sull'uso di energia alternative in Africa 201:04

Formazione sull'ambiente e sull'uso di energia alternative in Africa 2

Cucina Solare - Tg302:07

Cucina Solare - Tg3

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