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Using light from below
Spherical solar reflectors
Parabolic solar reflectors
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Cylindro-parabolic solar cookers
Solar plane mirrors
Using light from above
Solar lenses
Solar panel cookers
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Solar box cookers

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Solar panel cookers
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As a pioneering design, this type of cooker has seen maximum variations. Besides, the design offers several advantages. One of the most important is that the mode of cooking is very much identical to day to day cooking. There are two major types of concentrator solar cookers:

Cookers which concentrate the light from below

Heat coming from below is most convenient for routine cooking, hence, many designers have focused on this type of cooker. There are many designs in this category, and they are classified on the basis of the type of reflectors used:

Cookers which concentrate the light from above

See Cookers which concentrate the light from above

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