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This article is about a group or individual that may no longer be active in solar cooking. It is retained here for archival purposes.


Villager Sun Oven

Global sun oven

Global Sun Oven

Compassion Care Foundation is a non-profit organization selling solar box cookers, located in Twisp, Washington. Their unique approach is to offer a solar cooker than can be used for cooking at large events, integrated into a commercial venture, or used for an institutional baking operation. They report that 1200 meals can be cooked, or hundreds of loaves of bread can be baked in one day (See also Solar restaurants and bakeries). Their oven is mounted on a trailer for easy transport to various locations. Their Villager Sun Oven is also offered with a complete turnkey package of appropriate cooking accessories, including various cooking pots, pans, and utensils.

Other features of the oven include its ability to reach temperatures of 260°C (500°F), a tracking system to keep it oriented to the sun, and a back-up propane tank. The propane feature allows the oven to be used in rain or shine conditions, or twenty-four hours a day if desired.

They also offer a more conventional, family size well-insulated solar box cooker made of high quality components.

The mission of Compassion Care is to offer sponsorship programs that provide safe, nurturing schools for children whose families have little or no economic means, and medical care for them and their families. In rural villages, Compassion Care provides villagers with medical and dental care, educational facilities for children, food for the hungry, and scholarships for those wishing to attend a university, Trade School, or other institute of higher learning.

At Compassion Care healing is viewed as a process of growth and self-empowerment predicated on nurturing the individual, which necessarily includes love, unconditional acceptance, unbridled encouragement and ceaseless prayer. In addition Compassion Care is committed to providing safe, hygenic water and a nutritious meal to those who have not eaten; creating opportunities for bright, underprivileged youngsters to attend school; making sure clothes and shoes are made available to children who have none. Compassion-Care is also about binding up the deep wounds of want by providing shelter for those who lack a roof over their heads, and teaching indigenous peoples the skills necessary to support themselves and even generate a decent income.

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