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  • November 2012: In Colombia, the weather conditions are highly variable, and at any time, a sunny day can easily become a rainy day. For Colombian urban dwellers, solar cooking is still considered a great option in sunny conditions, but it still falls short of a complete cooking solution for families. It requires open access to good sunshine, and as of yet, offers limited thermal storage. Therefore Proyectos Solares Inteligentes has been working for years on a model that meets the demanding requirements of modern man and yet also be a solution for rural dwellers. The type of solar cooker is called Nevehorno. A patent application is in process for this hybrid solar/electric cooker. The oven can be used at night time or indoors using 500 watts of energy, which is about quarter of the use of a similar sized conventional oven. If there is no electricity, the oven can run off charcoal, biomass or wood like a barbecue. It can also function as a passive refrigerator, that keeps food cold for relatively long periods without consuming energy.


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    • February 2009:
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