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Clement Musonda 2014

Clement Musonda is an engineer living in Kishahsa, Democratic Republic of the Congo interested in alternative energy sources. He became involved with solar cooking in 2010 and has distributed forty-two solar box cookers and introduced one hundred and twenty people to solar cooking since then.

Other people helping him to promote solar cooking in Africa, and wishing to reduce deforestation and avoid global warming, include Daniel Kadinda, Gaston Kankwende, and Lydia Katuna.

Clement has interest in solar cooking technology standards, global branding of solar cooking, and consumer rating/certification of solar cookers. His group is also interested in creating relationships with solar cooking partners from the USA and in Europe.

Recent news and developments

Clement Musonda - Zimbabwe April 2016

Workshop participants in Zimbabwe in April 2016

  • May 2016: Clement writes: "Solar project is in Zimbabwe now. I was there last month and run training in Harare. We made 5 solar box cooker for starting. And our goal is to make more."
Clement Musonda - Zambia 2014

Clement Musonda working in Zambia in 2014

  • November 2014: Clement Musonda reports that he is now also active in Zambia.

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Clement Musonda
22, Lombo
Kinshasa, District of Kinshasa, 00243
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Tel.: +243 826298921


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