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As education is probably the most important component in spreading the benefits and uses of solar cooking, the classroom resources below can be used for learning, and for teaching others, about solar cooking.

Lesson plans

  • In this activity, students will learn about using the Sun’s energy to meet our needs. They will be introduced to concepts around solar energy needed for solar cooking (heat) – dark colours for absorbing sunlight, greenhouse effect, light colours for reflecting sunlight and insulation. Using this science knowledge, they will then construct and use a solar oven. Making a Solar Oven
  • Solar Cooking Lesson Plan, grades 6-8 Students experiment with a virtual solar cooker to discover the mathematical relationships among reflection, transmission and absorption. Students then apply their knowledge to building and testing a solar oven of their own invention.

Audio and video

  • February 2016: Engaging Students in Cross-Curricular Solar Cooker Lessons - Want to know how to inspire and educate the next generation of solar cookers? Expert science teacher Mary Buchenic will explain how solar cooking can be taught across disciplines and to meet curriculum standards. Learn how to teach 1500 children and their families about solar cooking, just like Mary has done. Webinar recordings are available for free to SCI Associates. Click here to join the SCI Association or login and view.
  • June 2009:
MVGS Solar Cookers04:07

MVGS Solar Cookers

Solar ovens built by teens demonstrated

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