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Citizens for Solar

Citizens for Solar is a Tucson, Arizona non-profit solar energy organization. Our mission is to educate the general public about the benefits of solar power by demonstrating solar technology and helping people become part of the solar culture. To this end we put on one major event each year, The Annual Solar Potluck and Festival of the Sun.


  • Saturday, September 20, 2014: (Tucson) Equinox Solar Potluck and Exhibition - Join Citizens for Solar for our first-ever Equinox Solar Potluck, and experience the flavors of solar-cooked food and learn about solar by viewing solar appliances and exhibitions (ovens, fountains, coolers, lights, electrical systems) and solar arts. The event is co-sponsored by Solar Guild and Valley of the Moon. More information...
  • If you have questions or would like more information about our annual Solar Potluck at Catalina Park, please contact Bruce Joseph at

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Citizens for Solar
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