This article is about a group or individual that may no longer be active in solar cooking. It is retained here for archival purposes.

Last updated: 11 November 2014      

The Chirantana Club, located in Shimoga, India, is actively engaged in creating awareness of eco-friendly technologies that are now available to the public. As part of this effort, they have been teaching solar cooking in their community since 1986. They taught 400 people to use solar cookers in 2010, adding to a total of over 4000 workshop participants since they began.

An active member of the Chirantana Club is Sreepathi Krishnamurthy. He teaches workshops in renewable energy, including solar technologies and bio-mass energy generation systems. His own house incorporates a kitchen waste gas plant, passive cooling techniques, rainwater harvesting system, solar lighting system, as well as, solar cooking. The home has been has been featured on past Discovery and National geographic programs.

Recent news and developments

  • August 2014: In 2012, we procured a "Butterfly Solar Cooker" to use for demonstration purposes. This cooker was developed by "M/S Paulson" Kolkatta living in India. We have demonstrated this solar cooker at public events and have arranged for its availability for purchase. Since 2012, we have conducted more than 50 solar cooker demonstrations.


Sreepathi Krishnamurthy
Chirantana Club
vibha, Lalbahaddur Shastry Nagar
Shimoga, Karnataka

Tel.: +91 8182276707