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Last updated: 5 April 2012      

Childreach International (formerly Global Development Links) is a London, United Kingdom-based international development charity.

Childreach works at a grassroots level in India, Tanzania, Ghana, and Nepal, providing access to education and healthcare to children by empowering local communities.

News and recent developments

  • August 2011: Family energy project reaches 400 households in Tanzania - This Summer Childreach International launched its very own East African Family Energy Project as part of its climate change initiative. This innovative project aims to provide no less than one million rural East African households with access to renewable energy services. The initiative, the first of its kind, addresses issues of education, the health of women and children, environmental degradation as well as climate change. Working closely with local communities, the Family Energy Project offers four technologies to help people in their daily lives, including a solar cooker (winner of the Financial Times Climate Change Challenge), a renewable biomass stove (for when the sun is not shining), a solar lighting system and a solar water purification system. These technologies prevent people from having to collect or buy firewood, and remove the health issues caused by smoke, keeping children in school and reducing carbon emissions. July of 2011 saw the project launched in the first 400 households in the Kilimanjaro region.Women in these communities in particular were victims of lung and eye diseases as a result of cooking toxic woods indoors while children often spent up to three hours a day collecting firewood, time they would usually have spent in school. An ongoing study is being conducted in these villages to measure how the project is contributing to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. Read more...]

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