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Tai Yangzao rewrite the history of slow cooking, from now on! Dangshan County, Anhui Province, Chaoyang Tai Yangzao Institute, Tai Yangzao is engaged in research, development, production of professional institutions, has now become the technology export base and large-scale manufacturers, its lead The technical excellence and the quality received by our customers. Only good quality, have good benefits. From my research results in recent years, Tai Yangzao level of quality is the key to the accuracy of parabola, if the parabola drawn by hand, amounted to less than ideal results, produced the spot Taiyang Zao, low thermal efficiency. I produced by the parabolic formula is based on parabolic x2 = 4fy, computer design, can reach the summit, produced by the small round spot Taiyang Zao, high thermal efficiency. In view of China's production of Tai Yangzao lighting in the area of more than 2 m2, due to light a small area, the temperature rose slowly, and can not meet the current needs of fast-paced life, my February 05 and developed a light area of 3.6 m2 high-power Taiyang Zao, For the national patents, patent applications,: 200520127818.6, the focus will greatly shorten the cooking time activities, and requested a lower intensity of the sun, the operation more convenient. Taiyang Zao, as a major life-assisted cooking in the rural areas to be more widely used. Tai Yangzao use in the kitchen cooking, and other activities, both green pollution-free, and the lifting of the smoke in the kitchen cooking Huoliao pains to save you firewood, coal, liquefied petroleum gas, electricity, particularly adapted to the rural areas, authorities canteens , Urban areas and in remote areas. Production Tai Yangzao tremendous market potential and broad prospects for development, rural youth, laid-off workers and workers who get-rich-quick good opportunities, it is the biggest characteristic of investment in small quick, no worries about the market, who are your customers. Tai Yangzao as soon as possible to allow access to ordinary people, and I have external low-cost transfer of production technology. The technical, and not just one back after the Institute of Taiyang Zao, a mold, painted gourds home than Piao production is more important to you parabola of the principles of the Church, mold production. Parabola using computer demonstration of the production process, so that you see on the understanding that a school would be. Tai Yangzao no matter how much the heart can produce their own, effectively apply what they have learned to meet the requirements of the broad masses of students. Dangshan County, Chaoyang Tai Yangzao Institute, situated in the most northern part of Anhui Province. I extend a warm welcome by around Tai Yangzao interested in the development of the cause of friends field visits, we will use the facts speak! Internet for details: [This text was borrowed from]


Mr. Wang Lian (director)
Chaoyang Tai Yangzao Institute
Li Town Club
Dangshan County, Anhui Province

Tel: 86-0557-8677032
Cell: 13014000940

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