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The Center for Rural Technology, Nepal (CRT/N) is a professional non-government organization engaged in developing and promoting appropriate/rural technologies effective in meeting the basic needs of the rural communities and improving their life support system in Nepal. Initially it was established in 1989 under the Company Act, CRT/N is now registered with His Majesty's Government of Nepal under the Social Registration Act since 1998. Since its establishment, the organization has been dedicated and actively engaged in upgrading traditional technologies and developing new technologies and effectively promoting and disseminating these technologies to strengthen the capability of rural poor communities. The program is focussed on responding to their needs and creating better options and opportunities for sustaining the rural livelihood.

Recent news and technology

Center for Rural Technology, Nepal demonstartion, 2-9-1

CRT/N participated in the two-day exhibition at Energy Week.

  • February 2013: The Center for Rural Technology, Nepal (CRT/N) recently exhibited a parabolic solar cooker and other renewable technologies at the “Green Solution Fair”, organized by ICIMOD, at Knowledge Park, Godavari, Lalitpur in December 2012. . The objective of the fair was to demonstrate various green technologies and raise awareness among students, researchers, and the general public. CRT/N demonstrated the parabolic cooker by boiling eggs and potatoes, which was found fascinating by the attendees. Similarly, CRT/N also participated in the two-day exhibition at Energy Week, organized by the Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC), to demonstrate the parabolic solar cooker again, along with a number of other renewable technologies. The solar cooker drew the attention of most of the visitors.
SK-14 cooker, 2-9-13

The SK-14 parabolic solar cooker

  • February 2013: the government of Nepal, working through the Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC), has supported the promotion of about 600 solar cookers, mostly the SK-14 parabolic cookers, and has offered incentives to help with purchasing them. The Center for Rural Technology (CRT/N) in collaboration with its sister concern, manufacturing company Gramin Urha Tatha Prabidhi Sewa Kendra (RETSC), have taken a lead role in this promotion and dissemination of cookers. With this assistance, they hope to able achieve the project goals. Similarly, AEPC/NRREP with the support from stakeholders is planning to disseminate a number solar cookers, in the newly formed NRREP, over a five year period by conducting workshops, seminars, and demonstrations.

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