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 The United Nations Association of Togo (UNA-TOGO) would like to become a member of the Solar Cookers International Network. 

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We would like to become a member of this network because we work with rural population who depend on woods to make fire and cook their meal. Millions of trees are destroyed every year. We believe in the fact that green energy is a solution to the global warming. Becoming a member and knowing about how to make the solar cookers available for these poulations will be a good contribution on our part to the advocacy about the global warming campaign. It will help to protect the environment and save time for the rural women in Togo. It is in everyone's responsibility to take action. We will be able to bring energy saver technologies to the remote art of Togo.Edit

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We are conscious within our ogranization that we need to work together to reduce poverty and protect the environment. We need to find networks like this one and seek their cooperation to be involv in the global effort.

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