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For a full list of available plans see the [[:Category:Solar cooker plans|Build a solar cooker]].
==Advantages and disadvantages==
==All parabolic cooker plans==
[[Category:Solar cooker plans]]
[[Category:Solar cooker plans]]
[[Category:Solar calculations]]
[[Category:Solar calculations]]

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Advantages and disadvantages

  Advantages Disadvantages
General characteristics
  • Cook as fast as a conventional electric burner.
  • Can fry foods.
  • More expensive than other models
  • Tricky to make without imported materials.
  • Requires periodic realignment to the sun.
  • Can't bake bread
  • Can damage eyes.
DATS solar cooker
  • Can be made out of cardboard
  • Doesn't require the pot to be in a heat resistant plastic bag
  • Must be realigned to the sun every 45 minutes

All parabolic cooker plans

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