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Solar cooking activities are known to have taken place in this country, located on the northern half of the Korean Peninsula, but the current status has not been possible to confirm. The activity involved the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) through its church offices in Switzerland, and the cooperation of governmental authorities of the Democratic Republic of Korea. ADRA planned a first phase goal of building 1,000 Solar Kitchen Units, each with cooking capacity for about 120 people, along with substantial food aid. Solare Brücke in Germany assisted in providing the technical equipment.

The project began in 1999 with shipment of food supplies, followed by mobile cooking units, consisting of parabolic cookers mounted on trailers. Automatic tracking systems, built out of bicycle parts, adjusted the parabolic towards the sun. The most recent information on this project is dated July, 2000. Requests for information on the current status of the project have received no answer. The current unstable political situation may well be making this activity more difficult. [Information for this section was taken originally from State of the Art of Solar Cooking by Dr. Barbara Knudson]

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