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16-brick rocket stove Mexico 2012

Sixteen-brick Rocket Stove

The fuel-efficient wood stoves listed below use various means to increase efficiency and reduce smoke when cooking with firewood, charcoal, or biomass briquettes and is one component of the Integrated Cooking Method.

News and recent developments

Ben 2 Nepal 2015e

The Ben 2 Firewood Stove

  • May 2015: Dieter Seifert reports: Today I have made tests with the Ben 2 and Ben 3 Firewood Stoves. It is almost unbelievable, but the efficiency is always higher than 40% and if one does not heat up too fast (i.e., the power under 1.5 kW is), the result is almost no smoke and approximately 350 g thin wooden sticks can bring 6 liters of water to a boil in 25 minutes. Of course cooking is much more convenient with a large parabolic solar cooker (We have used the AlSol 1.4 for many years.). The Ben ovens are so easy to prepare (2 sheets provided with holes and bending, drilling a ring and three legs and turn, turn 4 bars hairpin-shaped and assemble everything) that the cost in firewood crisis regions would be well below $10 USD. The combination of heat-retention cooking and Fuel-efficient wood stoves with the solar cooker is ideal. The solar cooker can do much more than just cooking. It is a peace-creating technology that is so urgently needed.

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