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Last updated: 21 October 2016      
GoSun Stove- Welcome to the Fuel-Free Frontier00:53

GoSun Stove- Welcome to the Fuel-Free Frontier

With the advent of cheap evacuated glass tubes that are manufactured in China, is has become practical to use them to create Evacuated tube solar cooker designs. The first such use is apparently Alex Kee in Malaysia, who demonstrated such a cooker at the Solar Cookers and Food Processing International Conference (2006) in Granada, Spain. Such tubes were originally produced as a component of popular solar water heating systems.

SLiCK SM70 photo, 8-19-15

The SLiCK SM70 is an example of an evacuated tube style solar cooker.

Evacuated tube literally means that the cooking chamber is constructed of two layers of blown glass in the shape of a sealed tube, where the air has been removed between the layers.

Heat loss happens primarily by conduction and convection through a medium. With no air between the layers of glass the chamber is nicely insulated, well suited for retaining cooking heat. The chamber is so effective it often does not require a large reflector to capture sunlight. The ends of the tube are open so a slender cooking tray can be inserted. Improvements in glass technology is allowing for larger diameter tubes to be fabricated, which will allow larger cook pots to be inserted inside.


Advantages and disadvantages


  • Usually compact, and can cook quite efficiently with relatively small reflectors
  • Contemporary designs have aesthetic appeal


  • The cooking chamber requires careful handling to avoid thermal shock and breakage of the glass tube
  • Glass technology somewhat limits the size of opening of the cooking chamber


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