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==Advantages and disadvantages==

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Advantages and disadvantages

  Advantages Disadvantages
General characteristics
  • Can cook in multiple pots simultaneously
  • Can be built from many different materials
  • Can be built any size to cook large quantities of food
  • Don't have to be turned to follow the sun while cooking
  • Construction time longer than panel.
  • Can't fry foods.
The "Minimum"
Minimum Solar Box Cooker Photo small
  • Simple to build from two cardboard boxes
  • Not waterproof
Easy Lid
Easy Lid Cooker
  • Same as "Minimum" Cooker but there is no need to construct a lid since the top of larger box becomes the lid
  • Not waterproof
Heaven's Flame
  • Extra power due to multiple reflectors
  • Can heat multiple pots simultaneously
  • Must be turned a bit more often to follow the sun
  • Bottom of oven not level as cooker tilts toward sun
  • Not waterproof

For a full list of available plans see below:

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