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The Catassol Solar Oven is a solar box cooker developed and sold by Pleno Sol located in Brazil. Known for their high quality products, the Catassol Solar Oven joins the PlenoSol 1 and the PlenoSol II line of solar cookers they offer. The new oven features a large reflector surrounding the glass top. The base is able to maintain a focus with the sun for the cooker by having the capability to move both horizontally and vertically. This feature is available with either manual adjustment or with an automatic tracking system. The interior food cooking tray swings from an axle and is able to stay level regardless of the reflector orientation.

Catassol Colossal

The Solar Oven "Catassol Colossal" is a scaled-up Catassol able to prepare large quantities of food in a healthful and economical fashion, with, according to the manufacturer, performance similar to a gas oven.

Made with durable and lightweight materials that guarantee a long service life. Easy to transport.

CATASSOL COLOSSAL, Lançamento01:20


The Catassol Colossal large volume solar oven

Audio and video

CATASSOL, Assando pão no Forno Solar01:51

CATASSOL, Assando pão no Forno Solar

De onde vem os CATASSOIS, Fábrica de fornos solares03:31

De onde vem os CATASSOIS, Fábrica de fornos solares

Assembly of the Catassol Solar Oven

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