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In March 2008 a workshop was opened by McDonald Ganisyeje in Lilongwe under a local NGO Care & Support Network who have an Orphanage Centre in Area 23 / Lilongwe. Care & Support Network is a Local NGO carrying out Environmental conservations projects, HIV/ Aids programmes, Orphan Care,Youth programmes & Gender programmes. Solar cookers and Bio Energy stove production is one the main projects being carried out. The Bio energy stove does not use firewood and charcoal and this is ideal for use during the rainy season as an alternative source of fuel when a solar cooker can not be used. Only biomass rice husks, twigs, maize stocks, bricketts, saw dust etc. can be used. McDonald Ganisyeje is Co-ordinating the project with Care and Support Network on voluntary basis.

News and recent developments

September 2009: The Care and Support Network has established a workshop where 10 women and 3 men produce about 25 parabolic solar cookers per year. Equipment and start up were financed by Bruno & Magda Weissengruber of Austria, members of ARGE Solar Austria. It also produces CooKits.

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