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===Discussion groups===
* [ Le forum de la cuísson solaíre]
===Articles in the media===
===Articles in the media===

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Recent News and Developments

SCI Cambodia 5-10

Pilot project begins in Cambodia with CooKit solar cookers.

  • June 2010: A pilot project has begun in Tamoung Pha-em, Cambodia to introduce CooKit solar cookers to the local community. Similar to many other regions, residents have relied on wood for cooking. The area once surrounded by jungle, has mostly been turned into palm oil fields, leaving scarce wood for cooking. Families have started to rely on kerosene, or walk long distances to get wood. The project is sponsored by Global Roots, a Washington state non-profit. Patrick Firouzian recently traveled to Tamoung Pha-em with the first cooker to demonstrate it's potential. Dany Pan, a village school teacher, will use the cooker regularly and experiment to adapt local food recipes. Solar cooking pilot starts in the small community of Tamoung Pha-em

The History of Solar Cooking in Cambodia

[Information for this section was taken originally from State of the Art of Solar Cooking by Dr. Barbara Knudson.]

Climate, Culture, and Special Considerations

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Possible funders for solar cooking projects in Cambodia


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