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[[Gu Bing|Bing Gu]] <br />
[[Bing Gu]]<br />
California Sunlight Corporation<br />
California Sunlight Corporation<br />
3791 Power Inn Road<br />
3791 Power Inn Road<br />

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MG 6694

California Sunlight's modular solar oven with auto tracking system

California Sunlight Corporation develops, designs, and manufactures high efficiency and cost-effective solar energy products based on a series of innovations. The emphasis of our company is on active daylighting systems, high efficiency micro-CPV systems, and solar oven, solar stove cooking systems. California Sunlight began manufacturing solar cookers in 2008 in California, USA


Bing Gu
California Sunlight Corporation
3791 Power Inn Road
Sacramento, California 95826

Tel: +1 (916) 996-1584


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