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Caitlyn Hughes

Caitlyn Hughes joined Solar Cookers International (SCI) as the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist in 2014. She gathers and analyzes data from SCI’s field projects as well as the global solar cooking community. She created and manages the most recent iteration of the Solar Cookers International Association. Caitlyn coordinates with SCI’s international partners, the webmaster team, and working groups including the university team researching consumer ratings and testing standards. She managed the creation of the Solar Cooking Adoption and Impact survey and presented the results at the SCI Regional Convention - North America 2015. Caitlyn significantly contributes to many SCI communications, including grant proposals and reports, educational material, the SCI website, and print and digital versions of the Annual Report.

Caitlyn has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development from the University of California Davis and a master’s degree in Humanitarian Action from Ruhr University in Germany. Her past experiences include interning with Development Assistance Research Associates (DARA) in Madrid, Spain; volunteering with United Action for Children (a local non-profit in Cameroon, Africa); working as an Assistant Director fundraising for non-profits such as Save the Children, The Nature Conservancy, and the Sierra Club; and managing Outdoor Education programs for the City of Davis. She enjoys being outdoors, traveling, and reading. - See more at:

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  • January 2017: 
Caitlyn Hughes - Solar Cooking Adoption and Impact Survey06:43

Caitlyn Hughes - Solar Cooking Adoption and Impact Survey


Tel: +1 (916) 455-4499


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