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Council of RNR Research of Bhutan (CORRB) has provided solar box cookers to Yak herders in Bhutan. A report from CORRB states that the use of kerosene has reduced by 90 percent in these areas. “With this positive result, we’re looking forward to apply these technologies in the rangeland areas of Thimphu, Bumthang and Merak Sakten,” said the director of CORRB, Dr Tashi Samdup. “The project is in line with the 10Th Plan, which is poverty eradication, environment protection and generation of economic activities,” he said. “We started the project on a small scale and wanted this to be successful before we head to a larger scale, and the response has been very promising.”[1]

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Dr. Tashi Samdup
Council for RNR Research of Bhutan
Ministry of Agriculture and Forests
PB No. 119, Thimpu

Tel: +975-2-329124
Fax: +975-2-322504

Email: or

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