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Girl Scouts with CooKits

Girl Scouts show off their newly made CooKits

  • March 2006: The Côte d'Ivoire Girl Scout Federation conducted a public solar cooker workshop in Abidjan. Three Girl Scout trainers led a group of 27 participants, including representatives from governmental and nongovernmental agencies, through the three-day training course. On the first day, participants split into small groups to construct simple solar CooKits from cardboard and foil. They also painted several pots and jars black for use in their new solar cookers. On the second and third days, participants learned about the benefits and concepts of solar cooking while foods they prepared - chicken, fish, vegetables, eggs, rice, and "toh," a corn flour paste - cooked successfully in the sun. Water was also solar pasteurized, using a Water pasteurization indicator (WAPI) to determine when the water was safe. According to General Commissioner Jeanne Meland Aka, the workshop attracted national print and radio media coverage.


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      • Northern part of the country: Dry, sunny, and sparcely populated.
      • Southern part of the country: Rain, abundant firewood, and high population density.

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