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Brian White first began solar cooking in october 2006 with funnel cookers designed by Steven Jones. Away at work all day so interested in solar cookers that do not need attention during the day.

Must be automatic and track the sun. An accumulating barbecue that stores the heat till I get home is the ultimate goal.

"Invented" the Mechanical Mathematician to make a parabolic dish more easily. This device is simple and removes the need for complicated calculations. Hope to popularise the tracking solar accumulating barbecue in 2008. (It currently does not exist)

Join the yahoo group and post here if you make one. Info is available on YouTube too.

Cob Solar cooker Making the form09:57

Cob Solar cooker Making the form

News and recent developments

  • November 2014: Brian White reports: I have a thing in the works for solar drying with calcium chloride as a desiccant. Dry calcium Chloride absorbs water and becomes liquid in the water that it absorbs. It actually has a pretty complex series of Christal hydrates that all absorb water and calcium chloride is cheap and food safe.So, I am planning to use a solar cooker to drive off the water and "recharge" the calcium chloride. My main problem with solar cooking is that I am rarely home during the day. Using a solar cooker to build up a big store of very dry calcium chloride to dry fruit in the fall might be a good idea. Then you put the calcium chloride in a closed solar dehydrator with the fruit and a little fan and the water gets transferred to the calcium chloride, which drips out of the thing as it becomes liquid.I am also looking into making calcium chloride from limestone and brine. It can be made with a solar panel electrolyzing the salt. You get hydrogen and chlorine that you can recombine above in moist limestone chips.This converts some of the calcium carbonate in the limestone to calcium chloride. This might seem like a waste of a solar panel but the industrial process to produce calcium chloride is similar.

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