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Solar box cookers

Solar box cookers typically cook food at temperatures in the 100 - 175 °C (212 - 347 °F) range. Depending on their size, this type of solar cooker can accommodate multiple pots simultaneously. The sides and bottom are insulated to retain cooking heat. Worldwide, they are the most widespread. There are several hundred thousand in India alone.

Simple solar box cooker designs to build are the Easy Lid Cooker and the "Minimum" Solar Box Cooker. An example of a popular well-constructed commercial solar box cooker is the All American Sun Oven.

Easy Lid Cooker

The Easy Lid solar box cooker

Minimum Solar Box Cooker Photo large

The "Minimum" Solar Box Cooker

All American Sun Oven image, 12-11-13

All American Sun Oven

Advantages and disadvantages

  Advantages Disadvantages
General characteristics
  • Can cook multiple pots simultaneously
  • Can be built from many different materials
  • Can cook large quantities of food using multiple pots simultaneously
  • Most modes rarely have to be turned to follow the sun while cooking
  • Can be used to bake breads and cakes
  • Can't fry foods
  • Simple box cookers may lack adequate reflector area.
  • The box may shade the cooking pot when the sun is lower in the sky. Manufactured box cookers often have a mechanism to tilt the cooker forward, while maintaining a flat cooking tray.



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