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Blazing Tube Solar Appliance

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Blazing Tube Solar Appliance

photo is of an early prototype

Blazing Tube Solar Appliance side
Blazing Tuve Solar Appliance demo

John Grandinetti demonstrating the BTSA

The Blazing Tube Solar Appliance is a trough style solar device utilizing a high efficiency solar vacuum tube to absorb the solar radiation concentrated by a non-tracking compound parabolic reflector. Even high temperature operation is achievable.

Joining the system’s solar components with a separate highly insulated round cook-box, further ensures Blazing Tube’s high temperature maintenance during cloudy intervals and even into the evening hours. Using no moving parts and constructed of metal and glass components, the BTSA has a long service life expectancy. Its unique energy conservation characteristics allow it to operate under marginal weather conditions, during which most other solar cookers fail. Normally operating at a temperature above 300 degrees F (148.8˚C.), foods can be fried, baked and boiled throughout daylight hours, and maintained at hot serving temperatures above 160 degrees F (71˚C) late into the evening hours.

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Blazing Tube Solar

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