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Bio Gardening Innovations (BIOGI) is a non-profit organization in western Kenya promoting sustainable organic living at a community level. We train farmers, on smaller farms, about sustainable organic farming and conservation with bio-diversity. They are excited about renewable technologies and interested to learn more, especially in relation to climate change.

We are interested to link and partner with other organizations promoting and accessing solar technologies to poor households, especially small farms. We are developing a community demonstration learning center and plan to include solar cooking as a learning kit.

Recent News and developments

  • February 2013: The staff at Bio Gardening Innovations have been using the CooKit solar cooker to prepare vegetarian meals at the center. This coming March they are planning to offer a community education program that will teach integrated cooking, which includes using solar panel cookers, fuel-efficient stoves, and heat retaining hay baskets. Use the solar cooker when it is sunny, use the wood stove when it is not. Use the hay basket with either approach to allow the cookers to be used to cook other foods.

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Ferdinand Wafula
Bio Gardening Innovations
284 - 50301, Bunyore
Western Province

Tel.: +254-0733849072 or +254-0711270905


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