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[[File:Vajra_Foundation_Nepal_2013_multiple.jpg|thumb|290px|Bhutanese refugees demonstrating [[parabolic solar cooker]]s in [[Nepal]].]]
*'''85,000 refugees from Bhutan have solar cooked their meals in Nepal''' - The [[Vajra Foundation Holland]] (Stichting Vajra) has worked in the Bhutanese [[refugee camps]] in [[Nepal]] since 1995 to bring solar cooking and [[heat-retention cooking]] to the refugees there. By 2013 some 85,000 refugees were cooking their meals using these methods. The on-the-ground work is done by [[Vajra Foundation Nepal]] and financing is provided by the Dutch Lottery and the Dutch NGO [[Stichting Vluchteling]].
See [[Calendar of events]]
See [[Calendar of events]]
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Most significant solar cooking projects

Vajra Foundation Nepal 2013 multiple

Bhutanese refugees demonstrating parabolic solar cookers in Nepal.


See Calendar of events

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Solar Cooking Project in Nepal by Stichting Vajra09:40

Solar Cooking Project in Nepal by Stichting Vajra.wmv-0

Solar cooking project in a Bhutanese refugee camp in 2007 with Vajra Foundation Nepal.



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