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News and Recent Developments

  • November 2008: Solar Cookers International (SCI) plans to assist with efforts to bring safe water and integrated cooking methods to the central town of Copargo. The pilot project is being initiated by Gabriel Kpadonou, sanitation and public hygiene officer at the Ministry of Health in Cotonou, and executive director of the nonprofit organization Environmental Engineering Group (EEG). Through increased visibility and furthered collaborations with health and water professionals in neighboring countries such as Niger, Togo and Burkina Faso, SCI hopes that this opportunity will provide a gateway to increased activities in West Africa. The coming year looks to be an exciting one, with the expansion of programs to three new countries and the inclusion of integrated cooking methods and water testing into current and future projects. Trees in rural areas cannot replenish themselves as quickly as they are being cut down for fuel, and contaminated water cannot purify itself at the rate that microorganisms are causing disease, and so our mission continues.

The History of Solar Cooking in Benin

Relatively little information has been found about solar cooking activity in Benin. One individual, a man named Vincent Nnanna, writes of having aided in the building and distribution of around 200 cookers. Information about his work and a Solar club in Benin with 20 members was found in the Solar Cooker Review of November, 2002.

[Information for this section was taken originally from State of the Art of Solar Cooking by Dr. Barbara Knudson]

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