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This page is meant to be a compilation of the availability (developed countries only, everywhere, etc.) of materials useful for the construction of solar cookers. Details about the relative performance, price, and/or durability may be included where applicable. Please add to this page if you know more about what is available where.


  • Cardboard: Developed countries, probably most places in developing countries
  • Wood: Developed Countries, (?)
  • Cooking Vessel only (pot, pan, etc., as in panel and parabolic cookers): Developed countries, (?)


  • Commercial Insulation (fiberglass, rock wool, etc.): Available in developed countries and large cities
  • Shredded Paper, Dried Leaves, hay, etc.: Should be available almost anywhere


Main article: Glazing
  • Ordinary Glass: New glass available in developed countries, big cities
  • Used/ Broken glass may be found in developing countries (?)
  • Special Glass: Low iron (very high transparency), Borosilicate (Pyrex, resistant to breakage under thermal stresses): Developed Countries (may need special ordering), (?)
  • Plastic substitutes
  • Plexiglass:
  • Films:
  • Oven Cooking Bags:
  • Other:


  • Mirrors:
  • Aluminum Foil: Cities, developed countries
  • Polished metal, etc.: developed countries, (?)


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