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Association Des Volontaires Guineens Pour l' Environnement, Guinea, 11-30-15

Association Des Volontaires Guineens Pour l' Environnement demonstrates parabolic solar cookers for UN representatives in Kakan, Guinea in April 2013.

The genesis of the Association Des Volontaires Guineens Pour l' Environnement began in early 1995 with the effort of Diallo Abdoulaye Sadio, living in Guinea. By 1998 he and friends were giving solar cooking demonstrations at various schools and non-profit organizations, primarily using the CooKit solar panel cooker. Later their focus would become parabolic solar cookers.

The group attended ECOWAS in 2010, which led to solar cooking demonstrations in Lomé the capital of Togo. A second ECOWAS was held in Accra Ghana in March 2011, next in Jos, Nigeria the same month, and then later again in Lomé, Togo.


  • March 2016: Diallo Abdoulaye Sadio reports that the Association Des Volontaires Guineens Pour l' Environnement has been promoting solar thermal cooking for twenty-two years in Guinea and other other areas of West Africa. He feels by training young people with sustainable employment opportunities is helping to fight against the appeal of terrorist organizations. He is hoping to attract the attention of an NGO willing to help with their efforts. Diallo is currently in the gold mining region of Guinea to install two parabolic solar cookers and to distribute fifteen CooKit solar panel cookers to local villagers.
  • 2011: The group provided a parabolic solar cooker to a group of students in Guinea as a gift.
  • October 2010: The NGO participated in the regional conference ECOWAS for alternative energy in Ghana.
  • August 2000: Volontaires Guineens pour l’Environnement reports they have been working on solar cooker production and promotion in Guinea since 1995. “For every one cooker that is bought, we always make sure that we fabricate one for a poor family in the rural village,” writes Diallo Abdoulaye Sadio. “By this system, we have now put in place about 250 cookers just for the village population.” Mr. Diallo reports that the Voluntaires have a solar cooking training staff but have trouble obtaining the necessary materials for building cookers.

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