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Fuelwood as percentage or energy consumption Asia

Fuelwood as a percentage of energy consumption in Asia

The Asian continent has the largest area and the largest population of the earth's continents. It stretches across nearly ten time zones and has 30% of the earth's land surface. Its climatic and geographical diversity is enormous, as well, containing as it does the world's highest mountain, as well as deserts, jungles, volcanoes, long coastlines, great rivers, inland seas and lakes. North-South, Asia extends from roughly 10 degrees below the equator to well beyond the Arctic Circle in the North. The bottom, half of that latitudinal range would appear to be appropriate for solar cooking, making Asia. potentially a viable marketplace for solar products.

Asia's great size and geographical diversity is accompanied by thousands of years of history with great variation in its inhabitants. As one would suspect, there are more ethnic and national groups than any other continent, and an amazing range of contemporary cultures, with considerable extremes of wealth and poverty. Part of the continent, the so-called Fertile Crescent of the Middle East, is credited with the emergence of agriculture over ten thousand years ago. Central Asia, with its famous Silk Road, has been a melting pot for much of that period, as traders traversed the breadth of the continent, sharing goods and knowledge. Japan and China were other entry points for European connections to the vastness of Asia. War and conquest are integral, but less pleasant, parts of that history as well. The area is thought to have been originators of many consumer goods for trade, including gunpowder, silk, and many medicines.

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