Last updated: 4 October 2016      
Arvind Chel photo

Arvind Chel

Arvind Chel is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Ghent University, Belgium. He has experience in developing and making solar instruments (New type of Pyrheliometer for measuring direct beam radiation as minor project at IIT Bombay). He graduated as B.E.(Mechanical) from Government Eng. College, Aurangabad. After completing his M.Tech (Energy Systems Engineering) from IIT Bombay, he is now pursuing his Ph.D. from Centre for Energy Studies, IIT Delhi.

He has recently developed and fabricated the novel Hybrid Solar-Biomass Cook Stove, a stove that efficiently burns biomass fuel and also incorporates a solar reflector.

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Arvind Chel
Research Student

Center for Energy Studies
Block V, IIT Delhi
Hauz Khas, New Delhi, 110016

Tel. +91–9968144689


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