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  • Sunday, July 15, 2012 (Spitak) The International Volunteer Cultural Centre (IVCC) is sponsoring the 'Solar Food Cooking Contest'. Please join local students and scientists who have created their own solar cookers and other ecological inventions. Bring your solar cooker, inventions, and be welcome to stay at the centre free of charge for up to three nights. To receive more details and travel information, please contact in Armenia: Professor Vahan Hamazaspyan Tel: + 374 - 93 35 95 53, International Coordinator: Mr. V. Melkonian Tel: + 33 - 6 37 14 86 43
  • July and August 2012: Volunteer in Armenia. You are invited to come to; Spitak, Armenia as a Volunteer to help in a Summer Camp coordinated by the, International Volunteer Cultural Centre (IVCC) a non-profit organization. The candidate, he or she must be 18 years or older, preferred experience in education, languages, sports, and medical. Minimum working period 2 weeks. Lodging is provided (free Room). International coordinator: Mr. Vasken Melkonian, (France) Tel. + 33— 637 14 86 43. In Armenia: Professor, Vahan Hamazaspyan + 34- 93 35 95 53 Email:

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Armenia March 2007
  • April 2007: Longtime solar cooking advocate and trainer Wilfred Pimentel, along with Ken Goyer and Cynthia Wee, led a two-day integrated cooking workshop in Pambak, Vanadzor last August. They taught three technologies: solar cookers, fuel-efficient stoves and heat-retention cookers. With access to these complementary technologies, food can be cooked regardless of time of day and season, and with a maximum of overall fuel savings. The group demonstrated both panel-type and parabolic-type solar cookers, though the region’s altitude and climate limit the amount of solar cooking that can be done with simple solar cookers. Seventeen people from a number of Armenian villages attended the workshop, held at the Peace Corps training center. Each participant received a CooKit and educational literature. They plan to return to their villages and begin teaching others about integrated cooking. Contact: Wilfred Pimentel

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