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The SunOven Rentals Story

April Price
CEO / Founder SunOven Rentals

We do not rent SunOvens, at least not anymore. All of our energy these days is focused on sharing the online SunOven Rental system we created, so others can rent SunOvens to their community.

Nothing beats having hands-on experience, and that was the original purpose that inspired me to develop a rental system for SunOvens. What began as a program to empower people with the opportunity to try a SunOven for themselves, has evolved into a powerful and custom rental system for SunOvens that anybody can use.

I love my SunOven. As a naturalist, and permaculture professional, using a SunOven came very naturally to my lifestyle. In comparison to more cumbersome outdoor cooking sources, SunOvens are radically simple to use, and everything tastes better SunBaked!

The SunOvens have been used by the environmentalists and communitarians in my circles for generations. As a result, I did not have to overcome the common 'gadget hump' that many people experience when they see a SunOven.

This 'gadget hump' as I like to call it, is the inspiration behind the SunOven Rentals Business. From my experiences, I know that people would love the SunOven, and want one of their own, if they had the opportunity to try it for themselves.

For years the SunOvens have been taken to festivals and fairs, they always gather a fascinated crowd. Any Earth Day event, environmental awareness day, or community eco-fest was not complete without the SunOvens making an appearance.

People love to see the SunOvens. They ask questions, sample the food, and inevitably swoon when they see how perfectly effective the SunOvens are at baking, broiling, and steaming meals using only sunlight. And then, they would walk away, and speak fondly of the interesting solar cooking gadget they saw at the fair.

In general, people did not have the hands-on experience to relate SunOvens to their own lives. When they saw a SunOven at a fair, they did not see themselves using one at their 4th of July picnic. When they saw one at a eco-fest, they did not envision themselves using it to have dinner ready when the family got home. But they should.

SunOvens are one of the most excellent green products a family can own. I set out to find a way to empower people try the SunOvens for themselves. The SunOven Rentals Business is about creating accessibility to SunOvens, by putting them into the places where people shop and frequent every day.

Our goal has been the creation of an online national system that makes it easy for people to find a SunOven, and easy for businesses to participate in offering SunOvens to their community.

The benefits of using SunOvens is expansive. They are clean, there is no smoke, soot or ashes. SunOvens do not require coal, propane or wood. SunOvens are safe. They do not flame, and they do not burn food. SunOvens lower your indoor cooling costs, use the renewable energy of sunlight, and like I mentioned earlier, everything tastes better sun baked!

There should be SunOven in the backyard of every home in America. I can rent a carpet cleaner at my grocery store for the day, it would be great if I could also pick up a SunOven!

We began developing the rental program in 2006. What began as my own personal inspiration to give people the opportunity to try a SunOven for themselves, grew into a program that anyone can use. The system is a breeze to implement, and gives businesses the opportunity to offer SunOvens as a green option in their communities.

The system also enables people to try this excellent renewable energy cooking tool. Aside from the personal health and wellness benefits of using a SunOven, the benefits to our planet are abundant. Using SunOvens is another way we can reduce deforestation, keep our air clean, utilize renewable energy, and integrate green lifestyle choices into our homes and daily life.

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