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Srinivasa Ravuri 2016

Dr. Srinivasa Ravuri

Applied Science and Engineering was founded by Dr. Srinivasa Ravuri, who lives in the city of Secunderabad, located in Telangana, India. Srinivasa created this organization to pursue research, design, and promotion of of solar-thermal implements that can be used for cooking, heating, food drying, and for water desalination.

The organization has been involved with solar cooking since 2008. By 2016 they had distributed 50 solar cookers and had taught over 200 people to solar cook with solar box cookers, parabolic cookers, and solar food dryers. They wish to further their expertise in water desalination, and welcome others to collaborate who share this interest.

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Applied Science and Engineering
Dr. Srinivasa Ravuri
Plot Nr 32, Road Nr 4, Laxmipuri Colony, SainikPuri
Secunderabad, Telangana 500094

Tel.: +91 9908212812


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